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Buena Vista, VA 24416                                                                     Winchester, VA 22601
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LEXINGTON, VIRGNIA Curbside Recycling

Have you ever wondered what happens to those clear plastic bags when they leave your curb?  They are taken to Auto Recyclers LLC in Buena Vista, Virginia, where the staff hand sorts each bag.  The sorting bins, tin cans, soda cans, plastic, paper, cardboard, are then moved to the processing area where each is compressed, baled and stacked, and prepared for transfer to the next layer of recycling . . . turning the the used goods into new goods. 

  • Business curbside recycling is picked up on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Residential curbside recycling will be collected on the same day as regular garbage collection
  • The recycling rules are the same for both business and residential
    • All paper products should be put together in one clear plastic bag
    • All other recyclable material should be placed in another clear plastic bag
      • Plastic bottles
      • Aluminum and tin cans
      • All colors of glass jars and bottles
      • Everything should be rinsed and empty
    • Cardboard recycling dumpsters are located througout the county . . . the YELLOW dumpsters . . . large pieces of cardboard should be placed in the dumpsters, or if that is not convenient, next to your trash
  • Clear Plastic Bags are available at the following stores
    • Buddie's True Value
    • Cool Spring Organic Market
    • Food Lion
    • Kroger
    • Lexington Building Supply
    • Rockbridge Farmers Coop
    • Wal-Mart
    • If obtaining recycle bags is a true hardship, call Publis Works at 540-463-3154.
Auto Recyclers LLC is the final destination for curbside recycling in Lexington. 

Materials are collected weekly, coincident with weekly trash pickup and brought to the Auto Recyclers LLC facility in Buena Vista to be sorted, packaged, and delivered to the next level of recyclyer . . . turning the recycled material into new material.

Items that are worthy of recycling but not accepted in the curbside recycling program can be brought to Auto Recyclers LLC during regular facility hours ( 9-5, Monday through Friday, 9-12 on Saturday).

Some of those items might be:

  • Computer units with hard drive, monitors, CPUs, keyboard, mouse and all cables
  • Fax Machines
  • Printers
  • Back-up Power Supplies
  • Laptops Computers
  • Telephones
  • CDs
  • IPods and MP3 Players
  • Metals (copper, aluminum, brass)
  • Large loads of aluminum cans, soda/beer cans
See the Material Accepted Tab for a larger list of the items Auto Recyclers Accepts
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