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Buena Vista After

Buena Vista -- After

The old Reeves Brothers factory on Sycamore Avenue in Buena Vista, the hulking dinosaur, a community eyesore for more than 20 years, is transforming day by day to a clean, modern, functional facility. 

In 2006, The Rockbridge Advocate wrote:

"For about two decades, the old Reeves Brothers factory on Sycamore Avenue seemed like the perfect setting for a low-budget horror movie.  But rather than blowing it up in a final scene, the building has been recycled, in more ways than one.
  • Parts of it, including 431,724 pounds of steel, were ripped out and sent off to be melted down and reused.
  • Parts of it, tons of cinder block walls that cut the huge building into small rooms, have been smushed and used to even out the factory site.
  • Some old roll-up garage doors have been turned into the sides of counters.
  • Some of the old, burst indoor sprinkler pipes have been turned into raililngs.
  • An old loading dock conveyer has been turned into a drain table for junked engines and transmissions.
  • And the building itself -- 145,000 square-feet worth -- is being turned into a giant recycling center, one cavernous room at a time."
Quoted with the permission of The Rockbridge Advocate       

The interior . . . with recycled material neatly stocked . . . flooded with natural light . . . the new loading dock . . . clean and attractive

While Much Has Been Done, There is More Work to do

The interior rooms are being cleaned and made ready one large room at a time, utilizing natural light from skylights installed in the ceilings and recycled materials.

Exterior work also progresses, with the old boiler room removed, to be replaced by a loading dock for large trucks.  The exterior facade will be replaced on the remaining portions of the building, with a combination of brick and steel, complementing the portions already restored.

Stay Tuned . . Visit Us . . Take a Look

The newly recycled facility was transformed day by day, week by week,

from the hulking dinosaur to the new facility that services Rockbridge County and the surrounding areas, with ease.  It has also been transformed into an asset to the community of Buena Vista, no longer an eyesore.

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