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Buena Vista, VA 24416                                                                     Winchester, VA 22601
540-261-9991                                                                                  540-545-4197

Buena Vista

How the City of Buena Vista Curbside Recycling Program Works

The City of Buena Vista offers a curbside (really alley side) recycling program. 

  • Residents are provided an 18 gallon blue tote, free of charge.  The tote is used to collect recyclable material during the week, and placed outside with the regular trash, on the scheduled trash collection day.
  • Call 540-261-1444 if you are a Buena Vista Resident and do not have a tote.
  • If you need a bigger bin, use a regular trash can and request a "Designated Bin Sticker" by calling 540-261-1444.

Some Tips for Recycling
  • Put only recyclables in your tote, contaminating the bin will result in the entire load reduced to trash, rather than recyclable material
  • Do not put styrofoam, dog food bags with interior plastic linings, waxed items into your tote, these cannot be recycled
  • Call if you have questions;  Hamilton Contracting:  540-261-9494
  • The City of Buena Vista Website has a wealth of information about recyclable items.

Auto Recyclers LLC is the final destination for curbside recycling in Buena Vista. 

Materials are collected weekly, coincident with weekly trash pickup and brought to the Auto Recyclers LLC facility in Buena Vista to be sorted, packaged, and delivered to the next level of recyclyer . . . turning the recycled material into new material.

Items that are worthy of recycling but not accepted in the curbside recycling program can be brought to Auto Recyclers LLC during regular facility hours ( 9-5, Monday through Friday, 9-12 on Saturday).

Some of those items might be:

  • Computer units with hard drive, monitors, CPUs, keyboard, mouse and all cables
  • Fax Machines
  • Printers
  • Back-up Power Supplies
  • Laptops Computers
  • Telephones
  • CDs
  • IPods and MP3 Players
  • Metals (copper, aluminum, brass)
  • Large loads of aluminum cans, soda/beer cans
See the Material Accepted Tab for a larger list of the items Auto Recyclers Accepts
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