Auto Recyclers LLC
Recyclers of Metals -- Automobile Cores -- Batteries -- Paper -- Cardboard -- Computers Fiber -- Books -- Plastic
Buena Vista Location                                                 Winchester Location
1400 Sycamore Avenue                                                                   685 North Loudoun
Buena Vista, VA 24416                                                                     Winchester, VA 22601
540-261-9991                                                                                  540-545-4197

Schools and Institutions

Schools and Institutions

Auto Recyclers LLC welcomes inquiries from schools and other institutions about unwanted material that might bear recycling

Examples of material accepted for recycling are:

              • Books (covers and bindings will be removed and the paper recycled)
              • Wire (coated and bare)
              • Electronics
                • Computers and computer components
                • VCRs
                • Fax machines
                • Cords and connectors
              • Metal
              • Unneeded material from school bus facilities, building maintenance

Call 540-261-9991 to Discuss Opportunities for Recycling Unused Material
Computer Recycling

Schools and Institutions can recycle out of date computer equipment by
  • Bringing it to Auto Recyclers LLC at either the Buena Vista or Winchester locations
  • Placing it in the dedicated container at the Rockbridge County Recycling Center on Green House Road
The Rockbridge Area Occupational Center assists in the dismantling of recycled computers.
  • The monitor glass is removed and recycled
  • The circuit boards are removed and recycled
  • The hard drives are destroyed, eliminating any danger of unwanted access to information left on the drive
Field Trips

Auto Recyclers LLC Welcomes School Field Trips at it's Buena Vista and Winchester Facility

Call 540-261-9991 To Discuss the Options and Arrange a Field Trip

Children will see recycling at work, mapping the process of cans and cardboard and paper from delivery to the facility, through the baling and storage process, learning the value of recycling all varieties of materials. 

These photos illustrate the trip a pile of cardboard from a yellow recycling bin takes from delivery through processing to baling and storage.

Children will be fascinated by the building, the process, the "smushing" that goes on take the raw material from a pile of garbage to a bale of valuable recyclable material.

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