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Buena Vista, VA 24416                                                                     Winchester, VA 22601
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Household Recycling

Household Recycling

You will be amazed at much of the "trash" in your garage can be recycled, turned into cash, kept out of landfills.
Household items, office supplies (including computers), kitchen appliances, most metals

Household Items With Recycling Value

 Metals  Building Supplies
  •  Kitchen Cabinets
  •  Faucets
  •  Trash Cans
  •  Bathtubs
  •  Buckets (empty only)
  •  Door knobs
  •  Paint Cans (empty only)
  •  Hinges, Handles, Knobs
  •  Aerosol Cans (empty only)
  •  Smoke Detectors
  •  Light switch plates
  •  Carbon Monoxide detectors
  •  Coat hangers
  • Wire including old extension cords
  •  Dog Dishes
  •  Metals, including copper and aluminum
  •  Mop or Broom Handles
  •  Fire Extinguishers
  •  Picture Frames (no glass)
  •  Outlets, switches
  •  Wall sconces
  •  Metal hardware
  •  Metal toys
  •  Metal blinds
  •  Pots and pans
  •  Plumbing Fixtures
  •  Lamps (no bulbs)
  •  Ceiling fans (blades removed)

The list is representative . . . many many more items can be recycled for cash . . . keeping trash out of your house, out of the landfill  Call 540-261-9991 if you have questions.
You Can Turn a Messy Garage . . . a Messy Basement . . . into CASH

It's Easy To Recyle Unwanted Items

Turn This


  • Take it to Your Garage or Basement and Start Sorting
  • Bring the unwanted stuff to the Buena Vista Facility
  • The Staff Will Assess the Load, Help You Unload, Weigh and Pay you for most items

All sorts of broken, unwanted material from your home office can be recycled:

  • Calculators
  • Computers (complete computers including the monitor, keyboard, all wires and cords).  Hard drive will be destroyed and components recycled.
  • CDs and CD cases
  • Cell Phones
  • Power cords, extension cords
  • Digital Camers
  • Cell Phones
  • Paper, cardboard, books
  • Metals of many varieties including rulers and hole punches
  • Electric devises including pencil sharpeners, iPods, MP3 players
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