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Buena Vista Location

Buena Vista -- Before
Recycling a "Rusting Dinosaur"
Buena Vista, Virginia
The Buena Vista Location began it's life in 1894 as Cassimere Woolen Mills, during a Buena Vista boom time.  The initial small factory, employing 20 people, grew over the years to the 145,000 square foot facility now home to Auto Recyclers LLC.  This entire history of the building can be found on the BV Page under the History of the Buildings Tab.

In 1988, after a second disastrous flood, The Reeves Brothers, owners of the facility and operators of the plant, which made rubber coated fabrics, determined that their business would be better served to operate elsewhere . . .  they left town . . .  the building, abandoned and neglected, deteriorated over the next 20 years.  And then came Auto Recyclers LLC.  And the Recycling began . . . from a rusting dinosaur to a clean, modern spacious recycling center, open to the public, managing curbside recycling, increasing the amount of material recycled in Rockbridge County by at least 10 fold.  
Environmental Issues Had Been a Lurking Concern with the Old Reeves Brothers Site

Case Closed

It was generally believed in the Buena Vista community that the Reeves Brothers site was contaminated with hazardous waste.  And indeed it was.  Investigations in the late 1980s confirmed the presence of solvents that had leaked from three 10,000 gallon underground storage tanks, a common culprit of contamination in abandonded industrial sites.

During the 1990s, state and local officials worked to install a soul-vapor extraction system to address the contamination.

Auto Recyclers LLC is proud to have been able to close the book on the contamination issue.  In concert with State and Federal agencies, additional tests were conducted and the site declared clean.

Mid 2006 -- the Rusting Dinosaur
Was a Community Eyesore

In Three Short Years,

Auto Recyclers LLC Has Transformed it into a Beautiful, Clean, Modern Space

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